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The Best Air Pillow Packaging Equipment: Locked Air Pillow Packaging Machine

The Best Air Pillow Packaging Equipment: Locked Air Pillow Packaging Machine

Do you need an air pillow that both protects the product and enhances versatility? The Locked Air pillow packing machine of Hangzhou Bing Jia Tech. Co., Ltd can accomplish both of these tasks at the same time. The pillow packer provides cushioning, wrapping, blocking, support and void filling in a convenient automatic packer.

Air pillow film is a kind of aerated film with excellent performance. Used in combination with Locked Air packers, it offers incredible security for your products and shipments. Once inflated, the film becomes a square air pillow that protects your cargo throughout the transport and handling process, and acts as a barrier to prolonged air retention.

1. Benefits of mixed air pillow:

1) Excellent perforation: These inflatable films allow you to pack quickly without reducing any cushioning.

2) Miracle memory: Air pillow packaging retains its shape and protection even when folded.

3) Save space

4) Crystal: Each volume of inflatable film creates an attractive transparent bubble pad with a striking square pattern.

2. Advantages of Locked Air pillow packaging machine:

1) Maximize your versatility: You can create a variety of inflatable pillows and offer you the most impressive range of applications.

2) Size matters: The machine is compact and will not take up any extra space in your work area.

3) The packing machine can inflate the Locked Air pillow at a super high speed of 8m/min

4) Safe and reliable: This kind of air pillow packaging system is equipped with a one-button operation interface, which can be operated quickly

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