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Inflation Issues and Functional Analysis of Air Column Bags

Inflation Issues and Functional Analysis of Air Column Bags

How to inflate the air column bag?

For the air column bag, inflating it is very important to exert its function. So, what should be noticed when inflating it?

When inflating the air column bag, make sure the uninflated bag is face up and keep the workspace clean to avoid sharp objects scratching the bag.

Next, find the inflation port of the inflatable air packaging, which is usually on the right side of the air column bag.

Then, use the nozzle to aim at the inflation hole of the air column bag. When inflating, make sure the nozzle does not go into the bag’s heat seal and pinch the air inlet tightly. Inflate so that all the air columns take shape at once.

The required inflation pressure of air columns is generally 0.06-0.08 MP. Inflate until the bag is full but not over-inflated, which will cause the bag to burst.

When inflating the air column bag, these details should be handled properly to ensure its excellent performance.

What is the function of the air column bag?

As a popular packaging material, the air column bag can be used in many industries.

Packaging materials occupy space, which is also a problem that e-commerce, manufacturers, and warehousing need to consider. How to store more things that bring direct benefits in limited space, reduce unnecessary space and increase more goods, is the second problem that should be considered.

The air column bag made by a high-quality air cushion machine solves these problems very well. Compared with other shock-absorbing materials, the air column bag does not require much space, and it only needs to be inflated when used, reducing the volume of packaging materials and saving more space for merchants to store goods.

The cushioning air column bag uses natural gas as the cushioning material. Generally, cushioning materials need to have impact energy absorption, which means that the material will bounce back when there is a collision. Therefore, whether cushioning packaging has good resilience is also an important criterion for testing whether the material has shock-absorbing effect.

The cushioning air column bag has good shock-absorbing ability and can generate a certain buffering effect during modern transportation, with good recovery. It can protect items from damage more effectively.

Therefore, the function of the air column bag is very obvious, which is a good choice for people and has been widely used.

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