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The Performance of the Buffer Air Column Bag Can Achieve the Shockproof Effect

The Performance of the Buffer Air Column Bag Can Achieve the Shockproof Effect

Ⅰ. Why choose cushion air column bag?

Cushion air column bags are indispensable in people's modern life. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of Internet network marketing, the demand for cushion air column bags is increasing. The role of cushion air column bags is Just like the airbags on our cars, their working principle is to use the cushioning performance of the air to protect the product. The cushioning air column bag can play a very good role in shock resistance and drop resistance for the product. In addition, the cushion air column bag is also welcomed by many businesses, why is this?

1. The buffer air column bag uses advanced foreign production machinery and equipment, and the entire production line is fully automated; the whole process is controlled by computer, so that our air column bag can be easily produced, easily modified, fast and convenient. Due to the introduction of the most advanced production equipment in the cushioning air column bag industry, we don't even need to develop more molds. Therefore, a lot of manpower and material resources are saved in mold modification, installation and debugging, and the production cycle of air column bag products is shortened. Fully realize the high-speed production of air column bags.

2. The structure of the buffer air column bag utilizes the characteristics of PA/PE composite co-extrusion to fully develop the air column bag carrier with high extensibility and compression resistance. Developed into an air column bag with multiple air columns. Not only is the green packaging but also recyclable, which not only reduces the packaging cost, but also greatly saves the packaging cost. Since the appearance of the packaged air column bag, it has gradually replaced traditional cushioning packaging materials such as polystyrene, EPE, foam, and pearl cotton in the cushioning packaging market.

3. After the air chamber of the buffer air column bag is filled with air, the product can be fully covered and protected. Its cushioning performance is better than any kind of cushioning material.

Ⅱ. The air column bag uses the cushioning performance of air to play a shockproof role

Cushion air column bag is an innovative and simple transportation protection tool. It is composed of PE and nylon. The air column air bag can wrap the product. After the inflatable bag is inflated, each air column is independently sealed by the pressure difference, just like a ball, the gas will not be released after inflation. It is precisely because of this principle of pressure difference that the inflatable bag achieves the effect of self-locking.

Cushioning air column bag, as the name suggests, is a new type of cushioning product that uses air as a filler. Its principle is similar to the tire principle of a car. Use the cushioning performance of the air to effectively achieve the functions of shockproof and shock absorption. We can use conventional air pumps or air compressors to inflate.

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