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Does an Air Column Bag Protect Cosmetics?

Does an Air Column Bag Protect Cosmetics?

The development of the Internet has led to the trend of online shopping. When buying cosmetics, more and more people choose to buy products on online platforms. Online shopping is not only convenient and fast, but also saves time. However, cosmetics are basically fragile products, so they must be well protected during transportation to avoid damage. Many companies choose an air column bag as cushion packing materials to protect cosmetics, so can the air column bag really protect cosmetics effectively?

1. The advantages of using the air column bag in the cosmetics industry

Today's cosmetics industry often uses crystal or some glass containers as product inner packaging, so its products have high requirements for express packaging, stacking and transportation. Since cosmetics are generally expensive and their inner packaging is easily broken, in recent years, the cosmetics industry has begun to use inflatable air packaging materials for express packaging.

Many people like to use the air column bag for packaging, because it can be wrapped in wrap-around packaging or made into a single bag to avoid waste caused by excessive packaging. Especially for smaller cosmetics, it can show the advantages that it is light and does not take up much space.

In addition, the packaging of air column bag cushions can also greatly reduce storage costs. The air column bag is stored in the form of a roll during the storage process, and a single uninflated air column bag is only two pieces of A4 paper thickness.

2. The air column bag is a good choice for the cosmetics industry

The air column bag uses air to expand two co-extruded films to form an air bag that protects the product. Co-extruded film materials are non-toxic and recyclable materials that will not cause adverse effects on cosmetics.

Due to the use of air for protection, if one place is broken, the overall protection effect will not be affected. Therefore, the air column bag can effectively protect the cosmetics and will not be damaged during transportation. In addition, the air column bag has the advantages of moisture resistance and heat insulation, and is a good choice for cosmetics companies. 

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