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How to Choose a Manufacturer for Air Column Bags?

How to Choose a Manufacturer for Air Column Bags?

What conditions must air column bag manufacturers meet?

Air column bags produced by air column bag manufacturers must meet the requirements of end consumers and customer service, and comply with regulations. From the quality parameters of raw materials (the higher the transparency of the air column bag after inflation, the higher the nylon content), the thickness of the air column bag raw materials (measured with a vernier caliper), etc.

The commitments of air column bag manufacturers involve many aspects. If you cooperate with dishonest inflatable bag manufacturers, it will cause more problems, such as failure to deliver on time and being irresponsible for the sales of air column bags.

Have independent and complete air column bag equipment and technical level of air cushion packaging, even without independent production capacity, there must be a complete set of processing technology and centralized integration, which is the main norm to distinguish large manufacturers from small workshops.

Air column bag manufacturers should have an independent planning team with independent research and development capabilities (can independently develop air column bags), a sound quality team, and clear regulations on production quality, delivery time, after-sales, and prices. With these conditions, the air column bag production line manufacturer has the necessary production capacity.

Air column bag processing material-composite film

Air column bag manufacturers in the film processing process, one raw material is extruded onto another prepared film, or different varieties of prepared film are bonded to each other to form a multilayer film. This product is called a composite film.

The material of the composite film is mainly plastic, but paper, metal foil (usually aluminum), or fabric can also be used. The basic requirement of the composite film is to have good interlayer adhesion to ensure the overall mechanical properties of the packaging.

In addition, composite films are mainly used for food packaging. Adhesives should be used in the processing of composite films. The selection of solvents and bonding processes must comply with the corresponding hygiene standards.

This material is non-toxic, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The production process with an air cushion machine is fully customized according to the computer, without the need for molds, fast delivery time, low cost. Simple packaging, improved protection, saving transportation costs, and improving the appearance of product packaging.

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