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Advantages of Cosmetic Air Column Bags Compared to Traditional Packaging

Advantages of Cosmetic Air Column Bags Compared to Traditional Packaging

Ⅰ. The development of air column bags in the cosmetics industry

Today's cosmetics industry is mostly packaged in crystal or glass containers, so products have high requirements for transportation and packaging. Cosmetics are of high value, and because their materials are fragile, in recent years, cushion air column bags have become popular. The cushion air column bags can be large or small and can be customized according to different requirements. Therefore, they have also been popular in the cosmetics industry.

This is very convenient for the requirements of certain packaging industries, and can ensure that the space in the packaging will not be wasted. Especially for small cosmetics, the internal packaging shows the filling of space. This cushion packaging air cushion can accomplish this task well.

Since air column bags are familiar to most companies, more and more manufacturers and e-commerce companies choose air column bags. However, some companies still choose traditional packaging materials. They believe that the price of air column bags is higher than that of traditional packaging materials.

However, for businessmen, air column bags are the most ideal and cost-saving packaging products. You might think that the air column bag is just a composite of two layers of plastic film, and you are skeptical of cost savings and shock resistance.

Ⅱ. Advantages of air column bag

1. Air column bag reduces storage cost

Since the air column bag is flat and will not expand during storage, it can save about three-quarters of the storage space. If it is traditional foamed polystyrene and other materials, it will take up a lot of storage space.

2. Air column bag reduces transportation cost

At the same time, the biggest advantage of using air column bags is that they can withstand earthquakes and reduce pressure. For example, if 1000 bottles of liquor are transported long-distance in ordinary packaging, 100 bottles will be lost. If you use air column bag packaging, you can minimize this risk and lose a few bottles at most, which can save waste in transportation. Save many replenishment troubles for merchants. This can not only reduce costs, but also improve corporate reputation, killing two birds with one stone.

Air column bag is the best packaging material in air cushion packaging in recent years. It not only saves costs, but also improves product value and packaging efficiency. The most important thing is to protect the environment and meet today's economic consumer needs.

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