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Automated Packaging System Can Reduce Cost

Automated Packaging System Can Reduce Cost

Hangzhou Bing Jia Tech. Co., Ltd. analyzed the customer's purchase, and learned that they prefer the automated packaging system, they will seal the air system and transport system to cooperate with the use of bubble packaging bags to protect their products. Our automated packaging system has the following characteristics:

1. Repackage

After careful review, the customer found that they were using too many bubbles, so switching to a medium hybrid buffer with an automated packaging system that can result in better, more cost-effective performance. Inventory space and labor are minimized, and there is no need to drag bubble coils across the factory floor to reach the packaging area.

2. Automate order fulfillment

Many people encounter these problems when using automated packaging: components take up a lot of warehouse space and damage rates are too high.

To make the solution more efficient and feasible, our automated packaging system has been equipped with automatic packing devices with sensors that automatically trigger sealed air units when low liquid levels are reached to produce more cushioning materials.

3. Inline packaging

All products coming off the conveyor belt pass through our Umailer automated packaging system, allowing customers to reduce floor storage space and avoid the environmental impact of foam.

Hangzhou Bing Jia technology Co., LTD. Umailer automated packaging system is the perfect solution for e-commerce packaging, it is packaging, express label printing, express label paste, packaging and transportation integration, it can significantly reduce labor intensity and improve packaging efficiency.

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