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What Are the Functions and Advantages of Air Column Bags?

What Are the Functions and Advantages of Air Column Bags?

Ⅰ. What is an air column bag?

Air column bag, also known as buffer air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging material filled with natural air in the 21st century.

Due to the characteristics of air column bag, which can effectively protect goods, easy to operate, improve operation efficiency, and significantly reduce logistics cost, air column bag has become a commonly used transportation filling material and protective product in the world, providing reliable and reliable transportation for goods in transit. protection to avoid accidents and cargo damage that may occur at any time during transportation.

The use of comprehensively coated air column buffer protection reduces the loss rate of product transportation to a very low rate. Air column bags can be used for packaging of electronic products. The air column bag has a wide range of applications. As long as it is related to packaging, air column bags can be used for products that need to be transported at the same time.

Under normal conditions of use, raw materials or finished products are completely clean and will not cause any pollution. The air column bag uses a new packaging system with air cushioning, which wraps the product closely and can truly protect the packaged product, not just filling and supporting it. It provides anti-seismic protection for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, and the cushioning protection of the air column type comprehensive coating reduces the damage rate to a very low level. Compared with traditional fillers, it will not be damaged due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, and the items are often displaced during transportation and cause damage. Even if it is squeezed by external force, the close-fitting design can use the air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.

Ⅱ. The product advantages of the air column bag include:

1. The air column is connected to the air exhaust, which can realize synchronous expansion when inflating.

2. Each air column has an independent reverse pressure valve. The rupture of a separate air column will not cause other air columns to leak, which is safer and more reliable.

3. Before the product is inflated, it is completely flat and does not occupy space, which is convenient for storage management.

4. The shape can be designed according to the packaged items, which can be used for thickening protection and can be recycled.

5. Anti-shock, anti-drop and anti-static, suitable for fragile objects such as wine, glass products, electronic component powder boxes, ink cartridges, components, and display screens.

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