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Bubble Bag Types

Bubble Bag Types

Air bubble bag, also known as air cushion film, bubble roll, etc., using low-density polyethylene processing, is currently a commonly used transparent flexible packaging materials.

Air bubble bag is a common packaging cushioning material, air bubble pouch application areas are also relatively wide. air bubble pouch also has many types, each air bubble pouch has their own different characteristics, you know how many kinds?

A, Air bubble pouch of static electricity type.

1, shielding film composite anti-static air bubble pouch.

It is based on the anti-static bubble film and then add a layer of anti-static shielding film processing, it has the characteristics of electrostatic field shielding, shock-proof, shock-proof, anti-static, etc.

2, anti-static air bubble pouch.

Anti-static air bubble bag can be divided into two kinds of double mask or single mask, the anti-static performance of this air bubble pouch has a certain timeliness. According to the resistance value and film layer structure, this air bubble pouch is generally applicable to the general anti-static requirements of electronic products in the packaging.

3, conductive film composite anti-static air bubble bag.

This bag is made of composite conductive PE film processing, it is mainly used for a higher degree of sensitivity to static electricity in the packaging of electronic products. It is different according to the structure of the film layer, can be divided into single-sided composite air bubble pouch and double-sided composite air bubble pouch.

Second, air bubble bag of non-static class

1, pearl cotton composite air bubble pouch.

Pearl cotton composite air bubble pouch, combined with the respective characteristics of air bubble pouch and pearl cotton, on the one hand, can increase the shock factor, on the other hand, can increase the softness, to give customers a more perfect packaging.

2、Kraft paper composite air bubble bag.

Kraft paper / PE combination, the outer layer of kraft paper (white, yellow or natural) surface flat, easy to write, according to customer requirements printed with different patterns, trademarks and text; lined with bubble film, with a buffer shock-proof effect, to prevent damage to the goods due to pressure, touch, fall; between the layers of the material does not use any adhesive, completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly; envelope mouth self-adhesive strip design, safe and convenient.

3、Pearlescent film air bubble bag.

The pearl film air bubble bag is relatively light, because the raw material itself is very light in weight, to a certain extent will save logistics costs, widely used in a variety of small products logistics packaging, a variety of e-commerce platform, especially cross-border e-commerce platform, various logistics companies can be widely used.

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