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The Development Advantage of Red Wine Column Bag

The Development Advantage of Red Wine Column Bag

With the improvement of people's living standards, most young people now choose red wine to show their life taste and the sales of red wine on the Internet have been increasing in recent years. Buying red wine is easy, but shipping red wine or beverage products can be a trouble for businesses.

Ⅰ. The rapid development of red wine column bags

Wine packaging can be customized with pearl cotton for packaging, but the customized pearl cotton model requires a lot of storage space to store the packaging model, which causes a certain storage pressure to the merchants. Packaging is not convenient enough, and the cost of mold opening and customization is not low.

The ideal material for wine transportation and packaging is the air column bag.

The red wine column bag is just a piece of film before use. A small box of air column bags can be filled with hundreds of bottles of red wine, which greatly reduces the storage space of merchants. It can be inflated with only a small inflator and takes very little time to inflate and pack. The cost and the price of using air column bags are low, which fully improves the efficiency of enterprise packaging and delivery.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of the appearance of the red wine column bag?

The appearance of the air-column wine bag has provided great convenience for merchants and solved the problem of transportation damage that many merchants have trouble with.

A small air column bag can withstand a pressure of one to two hundred kilograms, which can weaken and absorb the influence of various factors during transportation, and ensure the safe transportation of red wine.

The boom in the market has made air column bags a profitable target for many. However, those who do not have air column bag occupational skills and experience will only have a negative impact on the industry, even a large negative impact. Therefore, many people are very cautious when buying air column inflatable bags. They hope to buy good air column inflatable bags.

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