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Application of Air Column Bag in Food Packaging

Application of Air Column Bag in Food Packaging

1. The important role of buffer air column bag packaging

Buffer air column bag packaging plays an important role in the safety of product transportation, and is an indispensable part of the transportation process of fragile items such as instruments, electronic products, household appliances, daily food, glass ceramics, etc. At present, the commonly used cushion packing materials are mainly foamed plastics, cardboard and so on.

With the rise of green packaging and the implementation of the "plastic limit order", there are disadvantages such as toxicity when burning, and foam cannot be decomposed naturally, which has become a major obstacle to the realization of green packaging. Cardboard is superior to foam plastic in post-processing, and the production process is also polluting to a certain extent, but it consumes a lot of resources in the early stage, and it needs to be folded many times as a buffer structure, resulting in waste of human resources, which is not conducive to the advancement of intelligent manufacturing in the packaging industry.

In this case, the buffer air column bag, which is a new type of packaging system filled with natural air, has become one of the most environmentally friendly concept cushion packing materials that people in various industries pay attention to, showing great development potential.

2. The buffer air column bag packaging is economical and environmentally friendly

Buffer air column bag packaging product is a new type of packaging material, which is currently the most environmentally friendly and economical packaging material, and is also the first choice to replace traditional packaging materials. Using air column, 2cm-4cm air column is used to synthesize the buffer sleeve, the air column expands 65% to naturally form a buffer, and the independent air column is connected to form the best cushion packing around the object.

The buffer air column bag packaging uses natural air to protect the packaged items. The airbag packaging bag is an inner and outer double-layer bag made of double-layer materials. It is wrapped by the package body, and the item is fixed in the center of the bag body. When the airbag is impacted or vibrated between the inner and outer bags, the item will not be affected in the bag, so prevent damage by using a professional back pressure valve.

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