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What Kind of Equipment is Suitable for the Air Bag Produced by the Cushion Air Cushion Machine?

What Kind of Equipment is Suitable for the Air Bag Produced by the Cushion Air Cushion Machine?

At present, there are a variety of inflatable packaging materials on the market. This kind of packaging is subdivided into many types, including inflatable bags, bubble films, bubble film bags, filling bags, cushion air cushion machines, etc. Air filling is a new type of modern social protection products packaging material. This inflatable packaging material can realize all-around cushioning protection and greatly reduce the loss of products in transportation and transportation.

The application range of inflatable cushioning packaging materials is extensive. Transportation products can use this inflatable cushioning packaging material. Generally, the raw material of this inflatable bag packaging material is PE or nylon, which is low in cost and environmentally friendly. Excellent buffer protection performance.

The cushion air cushion machine is used in the following products.

Ⅰ. Applications of the cushion air cushion machine in electronic products

In today's fast-changing era, electronic products are ubiquitous, and people's lives are full of various creative products. The lack of electronic products will cause huge problems in the entire human society.

As we all know, electronic products are very fragile and will break if you are not careful. The screen and touch screen are easily damaged. At this time, if you choose inflatable packaging materials for protective packaging, you can guarantee that these fragile products will not be damaged due to transportation.

Ⅱ. Applications of the cushion air cushion machine in handicrafts

With improved productivity and people's living standards, more and more people like to collect handicrafts, such as glass products, ceramic products, concave-convex mirrors, etc. Since ancient times, China has exported very expensive porcelains overseas. Such handicrafts are expensive, and damage during transportation can cause great losses. Many antiques can also be transported using cushion air cushion machines, which greatly reduces the risk of incidents.

Ⅲ. Applications of the cushion air cushion machine in equipment

For various expensive instrument products, like musical instruments and medical equipment, collision and shaking will affect. The inflatable packaging will greatly reduce the risk of damage because it has strong compression, anti-collision, and impact resistance.

Ⅳ. Applications of the cushion air cushion machine in products with poor impact resistance

Many products have poor impact resistance in daily life, such as cosmetics, fruits, lighting equipment, auto parts, kitchen supplies, some building materials, wooden furniture, fiber products, medicines, chemical products, etc. These products are in transportation and handling. Also, need to be well protected on the way. This shows that almost all products related to packaging can be protected by using a cushion air cushion machine to produce inflatable packaging materials.

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