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Successful Applications of Air Buffer System

Successful Applications of Air Buffer System

Nowadays, many electronics manufacturers also choose bubble bags for product packaging to improve performance and reduce cost, especially when bubble packaging machines are equipped with inflatable air buffering system, which is more popular with customers. 

The air buffering system of Hangzhou Bing Jia Tech. Co., Ltd has the following characteristics:

1. Dynamic sealing technology, including linear pressure, automatic temperature regulation and tension control. 

2. Air control design. 

3. Air circulation; strong tightness

4. Locked air buffer system, with small floor space and less dedicated space, can only produce air cushion film on demand

5. Compact: easily suitable for any size of packaging operation

6. Easy to operate: Load the film and start the machine

7. Low maintenance costs: Fewer parts mean fewer repairs

8. Multi-functions: Air buffering system can produce void fill packaging of all sizes

Hangzhou Bing Jia Tech. Co., Ltd provides cushion machines, cushion membrane and custom packaging solutions, has been widely used in electronic commerce, the realization of the 3 pl, logistics, manufacturing, cold chain, transportation and other fields, we also continue to develop and invest in new equipment, new products to meet the changing needs of customers, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best quality service!                    

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