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The Buffer Air Column Bag is an Environmentally Friendly and Non-polluting Material

The Buffer Air Column Bag is an Environmentally Friendly and Non-polluting Material

As the most widely used new type of packaging product, the buffer air column bag has the advantage of being environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It is a key point that it can become popular and be loved by the public. The following are some introductions about the buffer air column bag.

1. Introduction of buffer air column bag

It uses an air column to make a synthetic buffer kit with a 2cm-4cm air column. Because the air column is inflated by 65%, it naturally forms a buffer, and connects the independent air column to form the best buffer package around the object.

It is made of high-tech and environmentally friendly materials. The product is completely flat before being inflated, which reduces the occupation of huge space during transportation, reduces transportation losses, and reduces transportation costs, storage costs and packaging costs.

Buffer air column packaging can replace the existing inner packaging materials, such as Polylong, EPE, corrugated paper, pulp casting and other inner packaging materials, which not only is environmentally friendly, saves costs, improves the efficiency of the production line, and provides the most complete shock protection for the product.

The non-inflatable filling packaging bag is completely flat, light in weight and small in size, and can provide the same shock resistance of the product with a smaller volume, which saves a lot of material and commodity storage, transportation and distribution costs, and reduces the packaging process and saves manpower.

2. The buffer air column bag is widely used

Buffer air column bag packaging is currently widely used in new anti-counterfeiting packaging, electronic product packaging, wine packaging, green environmental protection materials, buffer packaging, home appliance product packaging, alcohol anti-counterfeiting packaging, computer packaging, new packaging materials, precision instrument packaging, etc.

The air column bag, also known as the buffer air column bag, is a new packaging system filled with natural air in the 21st century. The comprehensively coated air column buffer protection minimizes the loss rate of product transportation. The main purpose of the buffer air column bag is that after the air column air bag is inflated, the upper and lower layers of high-elasticity synthetic film air cushions can position the product in the air for protection.

In the application of packaging structure, the buffer air column bag adopts gas protection and is produced with environmentally friendly plastics, which can be customized. Cost reduction, simple packaging, and good shock and impact resistance are the best effects of buffer air column bags. Because of this, while environmental protection awareness continues to strengthen, more and more people use buffer air column bags.

The anti-seismic protection of airtight storage and transportation for a long time, and the cushioning protection of the air column type comprehensive coating, reduce the damage rate to a minimum. Compared with traditional fillers, it will not be damaged due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, and the items are often displaced during transportation and cause damage. Even if it is squeezed by external force, the close-fitting design of AIR-BAG can use the air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.

The product of the buffer air column bag itself is made of transparent and environmentally friendly plastic. Therefore, the appearance of the bag is transparent, which is not only simple but also generous. Compared with the same type of buffer packaging, it can quickly improve the brand value of the product.

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