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The Service Life of the Cushion Air Column Bag

The Service Life of the Cushion Air Column Bag

Now more and more people are familiar with, understand and use inflatable packaging materials, many of them like to use air column bags, air column bags are not only clean and tidy in appearance, but also have first-class protection ability, and compared with other packaging materials, air column bags are also more environmentally friendly. Many users will have a question, how long is the service life of the air column bag?

Ⅰ. What are the conditions that determine the life of the air column bag?

1. The raw materials for the production of air column bags are generally PE and nylon. These materials are non-polluting and recyclable. If recycling is the premise, the air column bags can be reused before air leakage.

2. Under normal circumstances, the air column bag is used as an accessory material to protect the product from external factors, and it is an accessory product. Therefore, after receiving the product sent by the merchant, the air column bag is often thrown away by the customer directly. If the customer also happens to have something that needs cushioning, the air column bag may be used again. In fact, as a cushioning package, the service life of the air column bag is very short, but its protection ability is very strong.

3. If you are inflating the air column bag, filling it too full will shorten its lifespan, just like people can't eat too much, which will affect their health. Too much inflation will stretch the film material of the air column bag, which may cause a strain somewhere and cause damage to the air column bag. If the inflation is too small, it may directly cause collision to the product when it is affected by external force.

Ⅱ. How to store the air column bag?

Attention should also be paid to the storage of air column bag products, otherwise it will have some impact on the air column bag. When storing the air column bag, try to put it in the box, and put it in a place that is shaded and cool to avoid direct sunlight, because the temperature rise will cause the molecular decomposition of the air column bag material to accelerate. This will cause the air column bag to turn yellow, harden, etc. When it is inflated, it will not be so clean and bright, and the handle will be poor. The most important point is that the shockproof, compressive and protective capabilities of such an air column bag will drop a lot.

Therefore, pay attention to these points when using and storing the air column bag, and avoid wrong operation to reduce the life of the air column bag.

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