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Teach You Two Ways to Test Whether the Air Column Bag is Effective

Teach You Two Ways to Test Whether the Air Column Bag is Effective

For e-commerce companies that need to pack goods for logistics and transportation, air column bag cushions are one of the primary packaging to protect goods from damage. For major e-commerce companies, there are a variety of packaging materials on the market, and how to choose can be a headache.

1. Check the bearing capacity of the cushion packing

In the process of transportation, handling, loading and unloading, in addition to the impact force generated by external forces, it will also bear various forces. Under the action of these forces, the component force of the protected product on the buffer material will be larger than usual. Therefore, This is an effective way to test the load-carrying capacity of a buffer package.

The inspection method is as follows: put the goods into the selected buffer packaging, throw and throw, if the product is not damaged, the buffer packaging is an effective packaging material.

2. The air column bag test commodity recovery

Generally, hard buffer materials have greater impact energy absorption capacity and are suitable for occasions where the impact force is small. The buffer material should be able to absorb the energy generated by the impact, but it should be noted that the absorption performance of the material is suitable for the impact energy received. , by no means the more absorbent material the better.

As mentioned above, in the process of transportation, handling, loading and unloading, the goods will be affected by external forces and collide back and forth in the buffer packaging. If the selected buffer packaging does not have good resilience, the space for the products in the buffer packaging will become more and more. larger, so the product is easily damaged. Therefore, testing the resilience of commodities is an effective method.

The test method is as follows: Place the product in a buffer package, shake it or press directly back with your hand to remove the product or other force, if the selected buffer package rebounds immediately or quickly, the selected package is a valid packaging material.

Throughout the current cushioning packaging market, although there are traditional cushioning materials such as foam, pearl cotton, and paper, the impact resistance of these materials is average, and it is difficult to achieve the cushioning effect produced in the modern transportation process, and the products are easily damaged; Neat and easily leaves crumbs on the product.

The new cushioning material air column bag has fundamentally changed this situation. The composition of the air column bag is made of PE and nylon, which has excellent stretch resistance and recovery properties; in addition, the airbag is made of 99% air. It is composed of 1% film, air has excellent impact energy and shock absorption, and has good recovery. Therefore, the air column bag fully meets the two methods of checking whether the buffer packaging is effective and efficient.

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