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When Using Buffer Air Filled Bags for Packaging, E-commerce Must Pay Attention to Three Points!

When Using Buffer Air Filled Bags for Packaging, E-commerce Must Pay Attention to Three Points!

As a new type of packaging material, buffer air filled bags for packaging have been widely used in the protection and transportation of various types of goods. Its anti-vibration cushioning, anti-friction performance and other advantages, many people who have used it have a deep understanding. As a cushioning packaging material, the protective performance of buffer air filled bags is unquestionable, but there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to when using cushioning inflatable bags for packaging.

1. The amount of inflation in the buffer inflatable bag should not be too much

Many people may think that since the buffer inflatable bag uses air to achieve the effect of buffering and protection, the more air in it, the better. No, this idea is misunderstood.

After many experiments by our company, it has been shown that when the air volume in the buffer air filled bags reaches 85%, the cushioning performance of the air bag is better, and if the air continues to be inflated, the pressure inside the air bag will increase, which increases to a certain extent. The pressure of the inflatable bag is prone to rupture when transporting goods.

2. The packaging of the buffer inflatable bag cannot be exposed to the sun

This is a common disadvantage of all brands of inflatable bags, because the cushioning inflatable bag packaging has been exposed to sunlight, and some substances will undergo chemical reactions and decompose, and then oxidize during use, causing the inflatable bag to fade in color. It will also become crunchy and the pressure it can withstand becomes limited.

3. The buffer air filled bags for packaging cannot be transported in the environment of strong alkali

Although the cushioning air bag has good cushioning performance and is widely used, it cannot be transported in some special environments. For example, strong alkali, the pH value of these substances is greater than 7. If leakage occurs during transportation, it will be decomposed instantly, and it will seriously endanger the normal transportation of other commodities. Therefore, the transportation of strong acids and alkalis requires special transportation channels.

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