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The General Principles of the Cushion Packaging Design

The General Principles of the Cushion Packaging Design

The purpose of the cushion packaging is to prevent mechanical damage caused by external forces during the circulation process of products such as transportation, loading and unloading, and storage. So what are the general principles of the cushion packaging design?

1. The cushion packaging involves that the product must be firmly fixed in the packaging container and cannot be moved, and its protruding and vulnerable parts must be supported. When there are multiple products in the same packaging container, they should be effectively isolated.

2. Choose a suitable cushion packaging pad, the area of the cushioning pad depends on the weight of the product or inner packaging, and the characteristics of the cushion packaging material. In short, the hydrostatic stress on the cushion pad should be appropriate.

3. The correct selection of cushion packaging materials. The variety, shape, weight, value, vulnerability, etc. of the product are different, and the requirements for the cushion packaging materials are also different.

4. The structure of the cushion packaging should be as simple as possible to facilitate the operation, opening and removal of products from the cushion packaging.

5. When designing the cushion packaging, various factors should be considered comprehensively. For example, when calculating the vibration amount, it is necessary to consider the overall response of the cushion packaging during resonance, and the response to the key parts or wearing parts cannot be ignored.

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