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Advantages of Cushioning Air Column Bags and Analysis of Air Pressure Problems

Advantages of Cushioning Air Column Bags and Analysis of Air Pressure Problems

As a modern and more advanced packaging material, air column bags are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and can protect products during transportation. You should know that consumers have a certain degree of favorability for environmentally friendly companies, and can reduce a lot of waste of resources. The air column inflatable bag complies with the EU ROHS green environmental requirements, so it is very helpful to use the air column inflatable bag to improve the corporate image and win praise from users.

Ⅰ. Advantages of buffer air column bags

Air column bag, also known as bubble column bag, is a new packaging material filled with natural air in the 21st century.

The cushion air column bag has the following advantages:

1. High-quality PE + PA film, durable and highly airtight. The protection performance is safer.

2. Tested by SGS institutions do not contain any heavy metals, non-toxic when burning, in line with impermeable, moisture and environmental characteristicsAlthough temporarily not filled with explosive

3. Before using the cushion air column bag, the use of air to inflate is to adapt to the product, so that it has the following advantages:

(1) Low cost: the cost of the air column bag is very low. Anyone who knows about air column bags knows that air column bags are very efficient, and the modern production process is mechanized and automated, and there is no need for mold opening, mold testing, and mold changing, which can save a lot of R&D and production costs.

(2) Save more space saving: Compared with traditional packaging, it takes up less space and better protection. The most important thing is that consumers don't have to worry about a lot of garbage after getting the goods.

(3) Recyclable, the recycling standard belongs to category 7.

(4) Reduce the packaging process and save manpower.

(5) No pollution.

(6) Airtight storage for a long time provides shock protection.

(7) Improve corporate image.

Ⅱ. How much air pressure is suitable for the buffer air column bag? What are the dangers of improper air pressure?

Generally speaking, the industry standard for the air pressure of the buffer air column bag is 0.06-0.08Mpa (MPa). If the user inflates the air column bag according to this air pressure, the inflated air column bag will not be too inflated and not easy to explode; and The air has a certain room for maneuver in the air column bag, which is full of elasticity and has the best cushioning and protection effect.

Generally, in the actual inflation operation, due to the limited control accuracy of the air pressure adjustment equipment (pressure reducing valve) of the customer's air compressor or air pump, if the pressure reducing valve cannot accurately control the inflation pressure at 0.06MPA~0.08MPA (MPa), Then it is also possible to control the inflation pressure of the air column bag at 0.1MPA. However, greater pressure will have the following negative effects:

1. Although the over-inflated air column bag did not explode due to excessive air pressure and air volume during the whole transportation process, the over-inflated air column bag is very unsafe, and it is easy to explode when it encounters falls, impacts, etc. 

2. Excessive air pressure causes the air column bag to explode directly.

3. Although it has not been fully charged for the time being, it has been obviously over-inflated and even bulging. It is very likely that the air column bag will burst from the over-inflated and bulging place in the next time.

Therefore, we suggest that the air pressure is not the bigger the better, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate air pressure value to ensure its good performance.

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