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How Long Should Airbags Hold Air?

How Long Should Airbags Hold Air?

As the air column bag is made up of an adhesive film which is wrapped with air, the air will slowly leak out of the film layer after a period of time, which is why after a period of time, we will see the formerly air-filled air bag slowly deflate.

This phenomenon has nothing to do with the quality of the product and certainly does not affect the use of the air column bag, because if you use our air column air bag to wrap the product for transport, with the current speed of logistics and express delivery, a longer journey can be reached in about 2 months.

The process of filling the air column air bag to slowly deflating itself can take much longer than 2 months. Here we will objectively analyze exactly how long the air column air bags can be kept in the case of quality and no external scratches.

1, the air column air bags in the case before inflatable, in the form of gel film stored in a relatively airtight storage environment to avoid sun exposure and rain, can be put 2-3 years. Therefore, in the normal environment of the warehouse, air column bag stored in a carton and sealed, is not afraid of air column bag expired.

2, air column bag inflatable after, generally can keep air 4-10 months, the specific length of time, depending on the merits of the air column bag material, thickness and other factors.

General 5 silk thickness air column bag, can keep the air about 3-4 months; 6 silk air preservation about 5-6 months, 7 silk air preservation more than 6 months. This is a relatively objective and scientific data on the length of air column air bags, readily claiming to keep the air for a year or even more than two years, is a very irresponsible false propaganda of bad business.

Air column air bag in the case of full air, lock air time is also longer than 2 months of transport time, so the use of air tube bag as a buffer protection is fully meet the transport requirements.

In addition, even if the customer has not sent out the goods for a long time after filling the air column bag with air and has stored it for a long time, for the case that the air bubble column is chronically inflating for a long time resulting in insufficient inflation, it is very convenient to make up a little air before shipping.

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