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Benefits and Applications of Water-Activated Tape

Benefits and Applications of Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape, also known as wet water-activated kraft paper tape, is a packaging material with many outstanding features and application advantages. This special tape is widely used in the packaging and transportation industry due to its unique properties, providing excellent solutions for product protection, environmental friendliness, and operational convenience. In the following text, we will discuss in detail the advantages of water-activated tape and its applications in different industries.


Benefits of water-activated tape

Environmental friendliness

Water-activated tape is made using water-soluble adhesives and does not contain harmful substances. This makes it environmentally friendly and compliant with modern environmental requirements. Compared to some traditional tapes, it reduces the release of harmful substances and has less impact on air and soil pollution.

High strength

When water-activated tape is exposed to water, a strong bond is formed between the adhesive layer and the paper. This strong adhesive ability enables it to reliably protect products during the packaging process and prevent damage during transportation. This is crucial for packaging quality and customer satisfaction.


Water-activated tape machine has the ability to print patterns and text. Once removed, the patterns and text on the tape are destroyed, giving it a certain level of tamper-evidence. This is very useful in preventing the circulation of counterfeit products and protecting brand reputation.

Ease of use

Water activated tape machine is very easy to use. Simply spray water on the surface of the item to be bonded, and it can be quickly adhered. This greatly saves operation time and cost, making it an efficient choice in the packaging process.


When in a dry state, water-activated tapedoes not have adhesiveness. This means that it can be easily reused when needed, reducing waste and resource consumption. This is crucial for sustainable packaging and resource management.

The Lockedpaper EG100 Wet Adhesive Tape Machine is a mechanical device designed for bonding water-activated adhesive tapes. It offers more precise and convenient control over the length and water application of water-activated tapes, reducing waste and usage costs. This machine also enhances work efficiency and production quality, providing businesses with significant production advantages.

Applications of Water-Activated Tapes

Water-activated tapes find extensive use in the packaging and logistics industries, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • Express Packaging: During the process of express delivery and mailing, water-activated tapes like automated mailer reliably protect packages from damage.

  • Food Cushion Packaging: Due to its eco-friendly nature, water-activated tape is widely applied in food packaging.

  • Electronics Packaging: Electronic products are sensitive to static electricity, and the use of water-activated tape helps prevent static electricity generation, reducing the risk of product damage.

  • Secure Sealing: In the packaging of banking, financial, and legal documents, water-activated tape is used to ensure the security and integrity of packages.

  • Brand Promotion: The characteristics of printed patterns and text make water-activated tape a powerful tool for brand promotion and identification.

In summary, water-activated tape has become an indispensable part of the packaging and transportation industries, providing a reliable solution for product protection and eco-friendly packaging. With advantages such as environmental friendliness, high strength, tamper-evident features, ease of operation, and reusability, water-activated tape contributes to the efficiency improvement and cost reduction for businesses.

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