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Advantages of Air Column Bags (New Packaging Material)

Advantages of Air Column Bags (New Packaging Material)

With the development of the e-commerce industry, the express logistics industry is also rising, and more and more people choose to shop online. On the one hand, the goods are generally cheaper than the physical storefronts. On the other hand, the goods purchased online are mailed to the ground, which saves a lot of time and is convenient and fast. However, sometimes when consumers open the express package with joy, they find that they have purchased Damaged products will not only greatly affect the mood of consumers, but also bring about a series of troubles such as returns, and affect the reputation and influence of merchants.

Therefore, e-commerce merchants have tried their best to protect their products from damage during transportation. As a result, various packaging protection materials have also been pushed into the public eye, and air column bags are one of them.

The popularity of air column bags is not only because the protective performance and cost performance of air column bags are better than other traditional packaging products, but also because air column bags have many advantages.

1. The structure of the air column bag

The air column bag, like other cushion air bags, generally uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material, but in order to ensure its quality, some nylon (Nylon) materials are often added. Impact resistance can effectively protect the product from damage caused by external forces, and each airbag of the air column bag is an independent air chamber, even if one of the airbags is damaged, it will not affect the overall buffer protection effect. It is an alternative to pearl cotton A better choice for traditional cushion filling packaging materials such as foam, newspaper, etc.

2. Specifications and dimensions of air column bags

Like most inflatable bag-type cushioning packaging materials, air column bags also have a variety of specifications, and support tailor-made, and can also print their own brand LOGO. The air column bag is a wrap-type packaging, which reduces the friction of foreign objects. It is also in the form of a film before being inflated, which does not occupy space. It saves a lot of material storage space and reduces storage and transportation costs.

3. Advantages of air column bag

As a new cushioning material in the packaging material market, air column bags have been widely used in European and American markets. Because the raw materials of the buffer air column bag are non-toxic, non-polluting, recyclable, and can provide a 360-degree all-round protection for the product without dead ends, without occupying space. Reduce the size of packaging cartons, avoid waste of resources, reduce storage space, and greatly reduce business costs.

4. Application fields of air column bag

The application fields of buffer air column bags are very wide, covering almost all products in various industries, such as: electronic products, wine, canned food, handicrafts, fragile porcelain products, cosmetics, medicines, etc. For all-round protection, the buffer air column bag can also be customized according to different industries, different customers and the characteristics of their products, which can protect the products and enhance the reputation of the company.

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