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A Few Ways to Select Suitable Air Column Bags

A Few Ways to Select Suitable Air Column Bags

Online shopping is on the rise right now. The developed transportation and logistics industry chain also makes everyone have to reconsider the cushioning performance of cushioning packaging products. Air column bags have now become a common raw material in packaging products.

At present, with the different styles, prices and quality levels of air column bags, how to choose the right air column bag is the most important consideration in e-commerce. This is also particularly important. The following teaches you what to pay attention to when choosing an air column bag.

1. The nylon content of the air column bag

In the case of choosing an air column bag, the nylon content of the air column bag is particularly important. It can be considered the key to all air column bags. Usually, the nylon content of the air column bag is about 15% of the index value. The larger, the better the quality of the air column bag, the greater the working pressure it can digest and absorb, and the stronger the buffer reduction.

2. The thickness of the air column bag

It is similar to the specified nylon content. The thicker the air column bag, the better the quality of the air column bag and the stronger the product can hold. Typically, manufacturers produce air column bags in the range of 60-100 μm. Like today's infant milk powder air column bags, e-commerce companies will also choose 50μm due to cost.

3. Bag type of the air column bag

The conventional bag types for air column bags are Q-type, L-type, U-type and corner protection. Different products are also matched with different air column bags.

For example, glass bottles like red wine and pure grain wine are high-end items that are fragile, so they use Q-style air column bags. This air column bag can cover wine in 360° multiple directions without dead ends.

For long and thin column products that are prone to breakage in glass bottles, we strongly recommend that you use a Q-type air column bag for packaging. For products with large aspect ratios, we strongly recommend that you use a U-type bag (such as Ipad) and air column bag (such as frame).

For display and LED display products that must be repaired, the use of corner air column bags can prevent damage to the four corners of fragile electronic equipment.

4. Column width of the air column bag

The main parameters of the air column width are 2CM, 3CM, 5CM and 6CM. We customize the length for you according to the net weight of your product. The larger the column width, the larger the air column diameter of the air column bag and the more gas contained in it, the better the cushioning performance.

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