About LockedAir®

Locked Air® is a globally trusted air cushion solution with satisfied customers worldwide.


Our focus is bringing you reliable, lasting technology that requires minimal technical intervention in the long-run.


Choosing Locked Air, you can keep customers happy by reducing damages and ship your items in pristine condition. 


Lower Storage Cost

Only 1% space before inflation

Less Damage or Return

Reliable protection during shipment


Easy to set up, use and maintain

Lower Logistic Cost

Super lightweight, no extra postal fees

Good Brand Image

Neat package,  Branding film available


Recyclable film with recycled material

All you need for Air Cushions



7 kinds of materials

20+ Different patterns

100% Recyclable film

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   High Performance


• New! Super thin yet strong HD   Film, Save money and the   environment

• Up to 24000 pillows each load

   Reliable Quality


• Produced in our plant, complete   control over quality and supply.

• New generation puncture resistant   film

   Go Green


• 1% plastic + 99% air, save trees

• >30 Recycled material

• Marine-degradable film available

Good Film Deserves Better Machine

bring you reliable, lasting machines that requires minimal technical intervention in the long-run


Instant Start on Click

Changeover within 5  seconds

Automated systems and accessories


Lifetime Warranty

Complimentary wearing parts


Near zero air seal failure rate

Proven Performance in extreme situation


Dynamic Temperature control

Air flow control to lock more air

Machine options

Simple, flexible options. Choose which package is best suited for you.

Check all our machines

Pro-Starter Class


Versatile & Simple


Compatible with all cushion film.


8m/min, up to 800 packages/day


Ergonomic and easy to use.


8 programmed setting allowing quick changeover


Optional external pump for higher in-bubble pressure

Industrial Bubble Machine

Productive & Reliable


Optimized design for high speed bubble throughput


Output up to 28m/min


Unrivalled output – can cope in even the most demanding warehouse environment. 


Optional external pump for higher in-bubble pressure

Industrial Pillow Machine

Fast & Efficient


Optimized design for high speed pillow throughput


Output up to 28m/min


Perfect for busy warehouses or e-commerce distribution centers high volume of void fill is needed.


Easy to integrate with automated systems and accessories

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You guys have the best machine on the market. A real workhorse. 

Awesome film. Works well with machine.

It has been the best decision for us to partner with LockedAir. Our clients are more than satisfied with the machines and film which significantly reduced their effort to run the system. 



I am happy to be the 1st oversea partner with Lockedair. Over the years I am always impressed of how quickly you response to my issues and continuously make the product even better. I am pretty confidence that our machine is the most reliable one now and so is the film. 


South Korea

We has always been strict when picking a supplier, but you go far beyond our expectation. A real entrepreneurial team with good understanding of product and right attitude to quality.


Global Distribution

Having higher volume? Check out the automated system 


Delivery system, Cart, Winder, Overhead hopper…

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